Welcome to Lehigh Products!

A Growing Global Company.

From our home base in beautiful historic Bethlehem, PA we explore the world to bring you the finest in gourmet food items. Sourcing gourmet coffee from Colombia, along with chocolate, desserts and sauces from Brazil, we distribute to stores, retailers, shops and businesses across the United States.

We started our adventure in 2006, importing gourmet coffee from Colombia. Today, we work with +400 products.

We have traditionally operated as a retailer and wholesale distributor, but our customers now have the option to buy our products online via our virtual store. Check it out!

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We are committed to selling only the highest quality products from reliable and reputable sources and from companies, suppliers and manufacturers who are leaders in their industry.

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Social Responsibility

We work with companies from different countries around the world. We value those companies who respect the environment, their communities and the world we live in. Along with them, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, make our operations more efficient and engage our business with the global and local communities.

Logo LP button  jpegConvenience

We know how busy people tend to be nowadays. Finding a place to buy high quality coffee, chocolate and other gourmet food shouldn't take much of your time. That's why we ship all over the country with the click of a button. If you want to enjoy our gourmet products or want to send them to a loved one, you found your store. We got you covered.

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We love gourmet food. We studied coffee in Colombia and in Brazil, we tried dozens of chocolate bars in Belgium, Switzerland, Brazil and France and we keep attending seminars, courses and conferences. We want to share what we have learned. If you or your company wants to learn more about our products, we can host learning sessions. For more information on our courses, or if you would like to host an event about gourmet coffee or chocolate, please give us a call at +1 610 866 1458 or email us at info@lehighproducts.com. We'd love to hear from you!