Greek Style Chicken


• One cup of natural yogurt
• Two tablespoons of Cate de Mi Corazon “Mediterranean flavor” Avocado Oil
• Four diced garlic cloves
• One half tablespoon of dry oregano
• One médium yellow lemon
• One half teaspoon of salt
• Black pepper to taste
• One half bunch of fresh parsley
• One and a half or two small chicken legs


1. To prepare the marinate, blend the yogurt, Cate de Mi Corazon Mediterrean Style Avocado Oil, diced garlic cloves. Salt, and a pinch of black pepper en a bowl. Add scraped emon skin. Squeeze juice from half a lemon and mix all until well integrated. Now add one quarter bunch of parsley to the marinate.
2. Add chicken to the marinate to plastic bag “Ziploc” type eliminating máximum amount of air possible and skake well until all pieces are thoroughly covered. Refrigerate fort thirty minutes
3. Chicken can now be grilled or baked in an oven pre heated to 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 to 60 minutes