Lehigh Products now sells Keystone Farms Cheese.

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Lehigh Products adds Keystone Farms Cheese to the product line. Award-winning artisan Wisconsin cheeses, with all natural, real ingredientes, non-GMO and gluten-free! We are currently selling the following products: Asiago – 5 oz Bacon Cheddar – 1/2 lb Blueberry Infused … Read More

Cupuaçu, a new flavor from the Amazon

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Have you heard about Cupuaçu? The little-known cousin of cocoa bean is gaining popularity among high-quality chocolatiers and international companies because of its anti-oxidant properties, natural fats, fibers, vitamins and amazing flavor. Cupuaçu is seen by craft chocolatiers across the … Read More

Yesterday was International Chocolate Day!

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Lehigh works with Nugali Chocolate, an award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate company from Brazil. We also offer other products with chocolate, like English Tea Shop’s Chococate, Rooibos and Vanilla organic tea! Let’s celebrate the deliciousness of chocolate!

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